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The Veres One Agreements

There are a number of legal obligations that participants in Veres One are bound by to help ensure the stable operation of the Veres One Network. This page outlines all of the legal agreements that are intended to protect the Veres One network:

  • The Board of Governors Agreement specifies the expectation of Members of the Board of Governors when making decisions related to the ongoing operation of the Veres One Network.
  • The Maintainer Agreement specifies the duties and obligations of the organization that performs the technical maintenance for the source code and documentation for the Veres One Network.
  • The Accelerator Agreement specifies the obligations of the people and organizations that perform accelerated DID creation, modification, and fee collection on behalf of the Veres One Project.
  • The Software License specifies the obligations of the people that use and contribute to the Veres One software.
  • The Individual Contributor License Agreement and the Corporate Contributor License Agreement ensures that contributions to documentation and source code remain under a non-discriminatory, patent-free and royalty-free license.

For more information on each agreement, you may click on any of the links above to dive deeper into the details.