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Creating a DID on Veres One

This quick Developer Guide will walk you through creating a decentralized identifier using command line tools.


Coming Soon

Node.js v12 support will be added in the upcoming v0.5 release.

Install did-cli

did-cli is a command line tool that allows the user to interact with the Veres One ledger. See the README for a full list of supported command line options.

Install the Decentralized Identifier CLI tool by running the following command:

> mkdir did-cli
> cd did-cli
> npm install did-cli

Generate a Decentralized Identifier

Generate a Decentralized Identifier on the Veres One Testnet by running the following command:

> ./node_modules/did-cli/did generate --register

Once the command above runs, you will have a new Decentralized Identifier. Information related to your Decentralized Identifier will be stored in the following directory:

> ls $HOME/.dids/veres/test