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The Veres One Network

The Veres One Network is a collection participants and consists of a number of roles:

  • Entities (people, organizations, and devices) use the Network to create and update decentralized identifiers and their associated metadata.
  • Nodes are responsible for providing computational and storage resources for the Network. As the system is permissionless, any person or organization may run one or more Nodes.
  • Accelerators enable entities to increase the speed at which Entities can create and update identifiers on the Network.
  • The Maintainer is responsible for maintaining the Veres One software including continuous security review, managing community contributions, correcting software defects, and implementing new features.
  • The Board of Governors is responsible for governance. This includes ensuring the proper execution of the Veres One Project mission and managing, collecting, and distributing funds according to the funding model.
  • Veres One Community Group The W3C Veres One Community Group directs the development and management of the Veres One Blockchain. Meetings are open to the public and minutes are made available in a public github repository. Community Group decisions are made by consensus and sent to the Board of Governors for review and voting. Join the Community Group here.
  • The Advisory Council is comprised of area experts that advise the Board of Governors and the Veres One Community Group on technical, legal, and community matters.

You can learn more about each participant in the network by clicking any of the links above.