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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a running list of frequently asked questions that the Veres One Project receives from individuals.

Why is the Maintainer separate from the Veres One Project?

Governments are often split into branches such as judicial, executive, and legislative to prevent corruption. Similarly, the Veres One Project is separated into a Maintainer (technical), Board of Governors (governance), and Nodes (execution). Each group is responsible for a different aspect of the ecosystem and is separated from the others. As a result, common forms of corruption are far more difficult to achieve than they would be if each of these groups were to operate under the same umbrella.

Why isn't the Maintainer required to be a non-profit?

The Board of Governors selects the Maintainer based on technical merit. To ensure that the talent pool is as large as possible, there are no restrictions placed on the type of organization the Maintainer can be. In order to prevent the Maintainer from charging exhorbitant rates, a competitive bid process allows a modest 20% profit while also applying pressure to keep maintenance costs down.