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Veres One Developer Benefits

There are a number of developer benefits, which are covered below, that make developing for Veres One more enjoyable over other identity blockchains.


Software that is simple tends to be more secure and easier to maintain. The less code there is, the less there is to go wrong. The Veres One software takes this design philosophy to heart and focuses on building software interfaces that delight software developers in their simplicity.


Veres One's "keep it simple" design philosophy leads to simpler modules with smaller API surfaces, which results in easier to audit code. Code that is easier to audit is less prone to having dangerous security vulnerabilities over time, which leads to more secure systems.

Fit for Purpose

Veres One is a fit for purpose blockchain built specifically for identity use cases. This means that, unlike side chains and other solutions that shoe horn identity into the blockchain, Veres one focuses and optimizes the network for identity-related use cases.

The governance structure of the blockchain is also focused on identity-related use cases, which protects the network against things like currency speculation that negatively impact other blockchains.

Developers need systems that they can depend on long term, which is why the Veres One network does not integrate a cryptographic currency, currency mining, and other destabilizing and energy intensive processes to the blockchain.