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The Veres One Maintainer

The Veres One Maintainer is an organization that is hired by the Veres One Project's Board of Governors on behalf of the Veres One Network to maintain the Veres One Software. Services provided by the Maintainer include continuous security review (and 3rd party audits), managing community contributions, correcting software defects, and implementing new features identified by the Network participants or the Board of Governors.

What is a Maintainer?

Governance and proper incentives is a critical part of creating a global public utility. For this reason the Maintainer of the blockchain and the Veres One Project are distinctly separate organizations that don't share employees or have any financial ties. This separation ensures there is no conflict of interest at play in the governance of the Veres One Network.

You can read more on the Veres One Governance page.

Becoming the Maintainer

The Maintainer, and its employees, are chosen based on technical competence, a proven track record of contributing to and providing critical fixes to the Veres One software, and providing a competitive market rate for the services provided.

The contract that the Maintainer must agree to when selected is covered under the Veres One Maintainer Agreement.

Interacting with the Maintainer

The primary mechanism of interacting with the Maintainer are by logging issues in the Veres One Software repositories, the Veres One Project public mailing list, and the regular held Veres One teleconferences, which are announced on the public mailing list.